The Journey

Tress Clothing began with three core values and an aim to give streetwear a clean, sophisticated twist.


These three key words are fundamental maxims behind all our designs and are integral to our brand ethos.

// The ethos behind out brand is to remain true, trustworthy and positive.

Tress Clothing combines solid deep and rich hues with sharp clean cut edges to produce a sophisticated, comfortable aesthetic which is ready to wear at any occasion. Our desire is to ensure that all cuts are clean, sleek and smooth, and that our customers can always trust our clothing to be of the highest quality.

Meet Stephen Skeete // The Owner
Tress Clothing is a London based brand. Headed up by founder/ owner Stephen Skeete, a man who takes pride in standing by and supporting UK manufacturing, it is part of the Tress Clothing ethos that we fully embrace British manufacturers, sourcing products from mills across the UK.

Skeete comes from a sports and finance background, which can be seen in the fashionable functionality of the collection. He wanted the comfort of every day sportswear, paired with the clean cuts and sophistication of high end fashion. Using UK suppliers to procure the very best materials that British mills had to offer, Skeete began to create his dream and this uncommon mix of comfort and style became a reality.

Today, Tress Clothing promises uncompromising quality and cutting edge designs, all in fabrics which are soft to the touch and easy to move about in.

Through the collections you will see many twists and beautiful flows of colour, mixed with the sustainable deep rich palette synonymous with the trademark Tress Clothing style.

Tress Clothing has begun its journey.